Saturday, June 10, 2006

Visit Mr. Landlord's Website

One of my favorite sites for a wealth of information targeted to landlords is "Mr. Landlord". There is a lot of free information and access to a vast variety of forms. You can also run credit checks on your tenant applicants for only $9.95. Of course, be sure to get the applicant to sign a form giving you permission to check their credit.

Anyway, I recommend you visit the site and spend some time clicking on the various links.
Do a complete homes and land search (local, state, nationwide)
Keep up with the latest Wenatchee realestate news, info, and trends


DBM said...

You've had your property appraised, you've made sure that your loan is approved. Are you sure that you remembered everything? real estate blog

openmls said...

I check out the Mr. landlord site and think its a good source of info for landlords, too. But what do you do if you get a creepy landlord which you think is spying on you?

Carol said...

What do you mean "creepy"? If the landlord is doing something illegal file a complaint. If you just don't like him (or her) and think he's creepy, maybe you should consider finding another place to live.