Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Crazy Busy

Dear Readers,
Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. It's been kind of crazy busy for me lately. Saturday, I spent the entire day with a couple transferring in from Reno. The Wenatchee real estate market is so hot here now, our inventory is very limited. After spending the whole day looking at homes, they decided it may be necessary to find a short term rental (which is another problem), buy a lot and arrange for a home to be built.

After our experience on Saturday, I was excited when a new listing popped up on Sunday that looked perfect for them. Despite the fact I had other out-of-town clients in town for the day (Sunday), I previewed the house for my new Reno friends and confirmed it was something they would most definitely be interested in. I called the clients and set an appointment to show it to them on Monday. During the showing, I called the listing agent to ask a question. She informed me there were 3 offers coming in that day! Mind you, this home (priced in the low 200's) had been on the market one single day.

It's a crazy time.

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