Thursday, June 16, 2005

Now I've Done It!

Dear Readers,
This morning I was trying to get inspired about what to write in my blog entry for the day. I've been doing alot of work on my other blog and my main real estate website and haven't posted here for a couple of days.

I've been posting daily residential activity on my other blog and don't want to duplicate here because, rumor has it, the search engines don't like that! They consider it spamming the search engines, I guess. So, I went to Yahoo, and typed in "Wenatchee real estate news info and trends", hoping to find something to kick start my brain.

Anyway, I was surprised to see my other blog was listed as the #1 source and this blog is the #3 source. The link between me and myself didn't even work. So, now I've created quite a dilemma. I am the source of news, info and trends in Wenatchee real estate... so I better go out and make something happen to write about. :-)

Ummm. Not a bad problem. Gotta go....


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