Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Cashmere: 2.63 Acres - $700,000

Dear Readers,
The most interesting investment piece that's come up in the last few days is a 2.63 acre parcel for $700,000. Seems a little steep at $266,159.69 per acre... but what do I know. I have ceased to be amazed at what's going on in the real estate market.

This particular property is located next to the property currently being developed into the huge new Apple Annie's Antique Mall in Cashmere, along the main highway. I believe this property is owned by the same people developing the mall. With the mall running significantly over budget (and behind schedule), perhaps they are trying to cover some of the costs with the sale of this property. Just speculation on my part.

There have been several articles in the Wenatchee World over the last few months. If you go to the paper's website, go to the "archives" and do a search for "Apple Annie's Antique Mall" or just "antique mall".

This mall, when completed, is really going to be a very fun and interesting place. There will even be bus tours from the West side of the state bringing people in for the day.

Remember to check in with this blog and at my other blog for updates on the mall's progress and Grand Opening.

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