Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Realtors Join Relief Effort

The National Assn. of REALTORS® took the lead in relief efforts this week and real estate professionals around the country have been responding in kind. NAR announced today it will contribute an additional $1 million to funds established by REALTOR® associations in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi to provide emergency relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Earlier this week NAR made an initial donation of $50,000 to each of three state REALTOR® associations to help them establish funds to provide emergency assistance.As the extent of the suffering and devastation caused by Katrina becomes clear, NAR is stepping up its efforts to raise funds from Realtors for emergency relief in the Gulf Coast.

To read the complete text of this article, click here. NAR has set up a relief fund, from which they are absorbing all administrative fees. In other words, if you donate to the National Association of Realtor's relief fund, ALL (100%) of your donation will go to help those in need. There will not be any administrative fees deducted! As you may know, many charitable organization do take a large percentage of their donations to administer the organization. Please consider making a donation, no matter how small.


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