Thursday, May 19, 2005

Poopy Pop-ups & Spykillers!

Today I received some complaints of pop-ups showing up on my blog... and I was surprised and even more annoyed! I hate it when that happens. Somehow, when I added a "free" hit counter they added some html code to my template which allowed pop-ups without my knowledge.

Let me assure you, I hate pop-ups more than anyone and I would never intentionally add them to my site. If you do see pop-ups on my site, please let me know immediately and I will figure out how to get rid of them. Please let me know who the pop-ups are promoting, so I know what to look for in the html coding.

I, personally, have Spykiller pop-up blocker on my computer. It's free and has worked extremely well for me. Beware of "free" software, though because there could be a catch like I discovered with the free hit counter. I am very diligent about doing the Disk Clean, Defrag, and Virus Scan every single day. I also scan for, and remove, spyware regularly.

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog. I enjoy doing it and I want it to be interesting and useful! If anyone has any particular subject you'd like me to write about regarding Wenatchee real estate... or real estate in general, let me know.


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