Friday, May 06, 2005

Mousse Au Chocolat and Azaleas

Max & Carol Williams - 20th Wedding Anniversary

With Mother's Day coming up Sunday, my husband came home yesterday afternoon bearing chocolates.... so my morning (today) started off right with a cup of Irish Cream coffee and a "mousse au chocolat". Today he came home bearing an Azalea tree that now adorns the dining table and will eventually be planted outside. Do you suppose tomorrow there will be another surprise? I'm not a "real" mother, but I am the step-mother to his five children... all of whom like me, with the possible temporary exception of the youngest (now 29). He's not too thrilled with my theory that he should be self sufficient at this point in his life. The cash machine is closed. I've discovered that's what step-mothers are for... being mean when the Dad doesn't want to (even though the Dad agrees with the mean step-mother). It's a burden we bear.

Our oldest son (my step-son) and his daughter are coming up from Yakima later this afternoon, in time to go to East Wenatchee for the Classy Chassis Parade at 6:30. There will be about 200 classic cars on display. This is the son who recently returned from a year in Iraq. He just bought back his 1957 Chevy station wagon to restore, so he is into car restoration like his Dad.

Tomorrow morning we'll go to the Kiwanis Pancake breakfast in the park where the floats are staged and judged prior to the Grand Parade. By going to the pancake breakfast and walking around while the floats are getting organized, we get to talk with the royalty and chaperones from all over the state.

Well... that's about it for now.

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