Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wenatchee Realtor - Welcome to my 1st Post

Carol Williams,
Realtor, ABR, e-PRO, GRI, REI

Quote of the Day:
"The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong,
but rather to they who endureth to the end" -Unknown

Hey everyone,
Welcome to my personal blog. This is my first blog ever so let me know if there's some way I can make it more interesting.

I'm hoping this will be a useful and efficient way of sharing my knowledge and opinions about real estate (and other interests) and kind of a daily journal to share my life happenings. Plus, it should help me practice my typing (and thinking) skills. I can already type pretty fast, so perhaps I should concentrate on improving my thinking skills. :-)

I'm going to make a valiant effort to start something of a journal about what's happening with the real estate market in Wenatchee, and the North Central Washington area in general. Much of this is universal information and can be applied anywhere, but my experience is with our local market, of course. This blog may start out with some kind of a summary to catch us up to speed and go from there. I hope to share my insights and opinions which will be useful to homeowners, home shoppers, and investors on all levels. I'm not too knowledgeable about commercial, but I have a great contact in the commercial real estate business and will throw those questions and comments out to him.

Also, I will share links to other sites that have articles I believe will be interesting or useful to my readers. Eventually, I will also give you some recommendations on service vendors, such as mortgage brokers, insurance agents, carpet cleaners, roofers, painters (interior and exterior), etc...

For over 25 years, I've been a licensed real estate agent in the State of Washington. I have served on the education committee for the Washington Association of Realtors and I've even written some Continuing Education courses for agents to use in their re-licensing studies.

My specialty is selling single family homes, multi-family buildings, and working with people relocating to Wenatchee and surrounding areas. I love working with first time homebuyers and I am proficient in selling singles family homes... ranging from "mobiles to mansions". Of course a mansion in Wenatchee would be different than a mansion in Beverly Hills, so if you want a mansion in Beverly Hills I offer a FREE realtor hiring service. I will interview and recommend up to 5 qualified agents to serve your needs, at no cost to you. If you want a mobile home in Palm Springs (or some other wonderful winter get-a-way), I will also hire a qualified agent to help you. However... if you want a home of any kind in the North Central Washington area, I am the woman for the job. When you hire me as your realtor, you're agreeing to join me in having fun while selling your home... or looking for the home or investment property of your choice. .

We'll see what mood and whims strike me over time as I post news and opinions on real estate, what's happening in my life... and whatever else peaks my interest. I welcome your comments on any subject you're interested in and, if I have any knowledge of that subject, I'll share my opinion as well. My hobbies are golfing, writing, traveling and spending time with my husband who is the nicest man in the world.

In the meantime, until I get this blog up and running with some meaningful content, I invite you to visit my personal real estate website at: You can always e-mail me direct at: At my website you'll be able to link to client testimonials, info about me and my hobbies, search listings nationwide, statewide, or locally... and there's a whole bunch of other stuff there too.

It's April 6, 2005... one day before my 53rd birthday. Ah, it's good to be young!

Cheers and...
Have a great day!

Carol K. Williams
Realtor, ABR, ePRO, GRI, REI

P.S.: Wonder what all those initial "designations" under my name mean? In short, it means I take a lot of classes to get smarter. One can never be too smart when advising people about investing their hard-earned money in real estate.

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